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GDBS enters the Dry Cargo market with the sole purpose to offer the best and most competitive transportation services by combining skilled staff, Special attention to timing and a level of professionalism that allows both parties to benefit from.

GDBS is an independent, experienced and highly motivated operator that provides flexible freight solutions to traders and industrial customers at market levels.

We are attentive, agile and have a dedicated focus on the spot and short-term markets. Added value is our main priority, reliability and quick response is the way
we work and access to an extensive network of market information is, among others, what allows us to offer 1st class services to our clients.

At GDBS we believe that reputation is paramount in the market, so we are adamant in maintaining our by performing profitable and repetitive deals in order to build long lasting business relations.


Location (Athens/Singapore)

Our geographical location provides us with the advantage of being able to make quick decisions as our time zone covers most of the shipping markets. The Information we receive, combined with our knowledge of the market, allows us to understand the dynamics of each commodity and provide rapid and accurate feedback on both operational and commercial matters to our clients.

We transport all types of dry cargoes both in bulk and bagged forms. We try to meet our customer specific cargo needs in each new deal we make, in order to fit
any options or other type of flexibility needed. Apart from the boundaries set by the agreement we have with our customers, we always endeavour to expand our
options, something that allows us to establish long-term business relations.


Freight Markets

Keeping track of all the changes in the freight market is of utmost importance to all concerned parties. Our position is always being pro-active in terms of freight
calculations, therefore we maintain our own filing system divided by regions and commodities, in order to monitor the prices’ volatility and be able to assess a situation, if we are requested so by our clients. GDBS aims to establish itself in the Dry Bulk Market by providing competitive freight
solutions to traders and industrial customers on a worldwide scale. The core and heart of our business is our network and our constant effort to deliver the best service at the right time.


Business Strategy

Our business tactic is simple and to the point. Securing short-term dry-bulk transports, always maintaining flexibility and open options in a highly volatile market.

Professional and reliable transportation solutions is what we do and we are proud of having over 15 years of experience in the field as independent professionals.


Our Team

Our team, in both our offices, works around the clock to provide the best solutions possible and be able to foresee problems and address them, before they actually occur. We take pride in our 24/7 service and our communication means are always accessible covering both land-to-land and land-to-sea needs.


GDBS is based in Kifissia – Athens, Hellas, and has also a regional office in Singapore.

GDBS Athens

5, Solomou Street 145 61 Kifissia – Athens- HELLAS

GDBS Singapore

401, Havelock Road #02-08, Hotel Miramar, 169631 SINGAPORE

email: dry@gregale.gr, dryops@gregale.gr

Telephone: +30 210 808 2975

Telephone: +65 822 31219


Commercial Management

GDBS is well-experienced in dry bulk commercial management for customers that are looking to optimize their earning in harsh market conditions.

Our Operations and Chartering teams are comprised of shipping professionals with both office and sea-going experience, proven track records and solid numbers
showing results above the average Dry Cargo Indices.

At GDBS we offer full commercial management services to shipowners, which include among others:

  • Concluding business deals in Voyage, Time Charter and Bare Boat fixtures
  • Invoicing and Calculating Freight, Laytime and Demurrage
  • Claims Handling
  • Market Information focused on Regions and Commodities
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Communication with the Vessels
  • Cooperation with Weather Bureaus, Port Agents, Surveying Companies
  • Full Post-Fixture and Accounting Services
  • Voyage Results, Analysis and Reporting

GDBS is a member of BIMCO and Greek Shipping-Shipbroking Companies Association.










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Piraeus Bank, Greece
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